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President's address: Research and development on computer-based testing and extension of clinical skill examination to a variety of fields
Myung-Hyun Chung*

Published online: January 31, 2013

National Health Personnel Licensing Examination Board, Seoul, Korea

*Corresponding email:


• Received: January 15, 2013   • Accepted: January 25, 2013

© 2013, National Health Personnel Licensing Examination Board of the Republic of Korea

This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

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Thank you for all who has participated in the National Health Personnel Licensing Examination Board (NHPLEB) voluntarily. It has been possible to maintain the perfect test system by their devotion. NHPLEB has done its best to execute 23 kind of national examinations of public health fields since mid-December 2012. NHPLEB will did work deliberately to avoid any errors in the test items or procedures. Last year, there were some remarkable changes in NHPLEB. I was nominated as new President in last August by Board of Trustee. Also, new secretary-general and head of Bureau of Research and Development were recruited. Minister of Health and Welfare, Republic of Korea visited NHPLEB first time in the history of NHPLEB and listened to the voice of staffs with sincere discussion on the present issues of NHPLEB. Staff of NHPLEB also attended the 311th National Assembly’s administrative audit.
During past 20 years, NHPLEB was progressed to deal with 23 medical health licensing examinations without difficulties; however, it should upgrade the staff’s competency and test system to become a top-level worldwide institute in the field of licensing examination. Besides of pooling of test items, the research and development on computer-based testing and ubiquitous-based testing will be speeded. Also the pre-test of clinical skill test will be extended to dental examination and other fields. The research on the progress of psychometric standard setting approach to set a cuts core will be done. From this year, era of Woman President, Keun-hye Park, is opened. New President stresses welfare more intensely than other Presidents. In the welfare, the medical health personnels are the core specialists. Therefore, I anticipated the more support by the Government on the quality improvement of medical health personnels through the progress of national examination. According to the intensive support, Government may anticipate NHPLEB to become an international level licensing examination execution institute. I and staffs of NHPEB will work laboriously to complete this goal.
I will also support the journal publication as before. The more amount of report from NHPLEB and other national licensing examination institutes in the world is encouraged to publish through Journal of Educational Evaluation for Health Professions. This open access journal may be able to devote to the health promotion of the world citizen by providing invaluable information on medical health licensing examination and educational evaluation. I hope every readers happy and healthy.

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